Research Projects


Lydia Newkirk (2022). "Be flexible, but not too flexible: Limited variable-force modals in Kinande and the typology of modal force". PhD thesis, Rutgers University pdf at LingBuzz

McKenzie, Andrew & Lydia Newkirk (2019). "Almost at-a-distance". Linguistics and Philosophy. pdf at LingBuzz


"Limited variable-force modalsa and the typology of Scal{ar,eless} Implicatures" (2021). Presented at SuB 26.

"Unifying Prolepsis and Cross-clausal Cliticization in Lubukusu" (2018). Presented at ACAL 49. Handout. Proceedings preprint.

"Logophoric Reference in Ibibio" (2017). Presented at ACAL 48. Handout. Proceedings preprint.